What Is The Cat In The Hat Bat Meme? A look at the fake history memes

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The Cat In The Hat has a bat and has become a time traveling assassin! Dr. Seuss’ classic children’s book became a movie and then a meme! Fake history memes are a whole genre of memes in which cat in the hat with a bat falls into.

The children’s story was written by author Dr. Seuss and first published in 1957. It has been a big part of most people’s childhood with numerous people being familiar with the story and book. Naturally in 2003 a live action movie was made of the popular story, it received many negative reviews, being criticized for straying away from the original story and it’s adult oriented humor. Fat forward to 2016/2017 and a new type of meme is being created online known as “fake history” memes. These memes take modern day images and add captions to them making it sound as though the image depicts an important part of history. In early 2017 the cat in the hat with a bat variation has become one of if not the most popular of these memes. Today on Behind The Meme we take a look at the origin of the meme.


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