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When Do Babies Smile? Learn the Ins and Outs of This Fun Milestone!

Though parents eagerly await all of baby’s important milestones, there’s nothing quite like that first smile. So, when do babies smile? It can be difficult to tell if that hint of a smirk is due to gas or from happiness. Read on to learn when do babies smile, plus: The difference between a reflexive smile and a social smile The different types of smiles babies make Why smiling is so important for baby’s development How to make baby smile Why babies smile in their sleep And what to do if baby isn’t…

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People & Blogs 

Infant Reflexes: Are Those Weird Movements Normal? (Images)

Google is every new mom’s best friend. Newborns are so strange, so alien, and much of what they do — including those bizarre infant reflexes — easily elicits panic from nervous mamas. Any new parent’s search history will probably reveal some variation of these questions: “Why does my baby startle so easily?” Why do my baby’s toes flex when I touch his/her feet? What does it mean when my baby turns his head towards me? The good news: In most cases, everything is totally normal—even those weird infant reflexes. In…

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Baby Milestones Chart: Is Your Baby on Track?

When it feels like you haven’t slept since your first bout of pregnancy insomnia, those exciting baby milestones (smiles, giggles, even walking and talking) can seem like light years away… far, far too many light years! But you know what they say: The days are long and the years are short. Your baby will be a whirlwind of activity so soon… and then the fun really begins! ?? Here’s everything you need to know about those exciting baby milestones. Why Baby Milestones Are So Important Baby milestones aren’t just exciting, memorable moments…

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