Suicide Squad: What Went Wrong? – Wisecrack Edition

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Welcome to this special Wisecrack Edition on one of the most tragic films of the year: David Ayer’s Suicide Squad. Despite the fact that the movie was marred by critical changes at late stages of production, it still has signs of intellectual ambition. Join us as we look closely at the script’s thematic foundation and connect it to the other films of the DC Cinematic Universe. By tracing the theme of control through Man of Steel and Batman V. Superman, we can get a better understanding of what Suicide Squad was perhaps trying to achieve before the film was re-edited by the studio. Is it possible for us to still glean something insightful from a deeply flawed movie? With this new Wisecrack Edition format, we answer just that.

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Written, Directed & Narrated by: Jared Bauer
Edited by: Ryan Hailey (http://www.ryanhaileydotcom.com/)
Assistant Editor: Andrew Nishimura
Produced by: Jacob Salamon

© 2017 Wisecrack, Inc.

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