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Day In The Life 1: https://youtu.be/EKbmRmXfo3k
Join me for a day in our lives, there’s a big announcement about , I’m struggling a bit today so you get a glimpse into how I deal with parenting and life when I’m feeling low like this. Do you like these DITL style videos? Comment and tell me what you like to watch!

LAST VLOG https://youtu.be/cvSTwX0nkK0
LAST VIDEO https://youtu.be/MfH5DZM6HOk

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Hi, I’m Amanda, I put my face on the internet at least once a week. Sometimes it’s mom talk, make up talk, or maybe I’m just telling you how much I love coffee. Either way, SUBSCRIBE and stick around so we can be friends and share our journeys together. It’ll be fun, I promise.


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