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How To Make Your Own Diet Plan For Weight Gain or Weight Loss | How To Calculate Your Macros | Tamil
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How to approach weight loss/gain generally you workout, and do the first part correctly then comes the ‘Nutrition’ Part as you might know so how to approach nutrition for weight loss/gain many think that a particular food type helps with weight loss or gain thats the wrong approach according to me so know how to approach nutrition correctly want to know further details don’t skip this video or else you might not understand certain things let me make one thing very clear your weight loss or gain does not depend on a particular type of food that is what i say is wrong for example you might have heard people saying that eating banana gains weight or chicken helps to build muscle or drinking a fruit juice will make you lose weight… all these statements that is said in particular to a certain food type is a misconception so basically weight gain/ loss is like a science fitness cannot be followed blindly so if you know what you are doing then you can achieve weight loss/ gain successfully… so if not about the particular food then you might ask “what should we base all these weight loss and gain on?” the answer is the ‘Numbers’ Inside the food and I mean ‘Calories’ By referring to Numbers here..

What are these calories its an unit of energy thats all you have to know each and every food ingredient have different calories every food ingredient when you consume gives different amount of calories you can have a look at the calories in relation to some of the common food ingredients so as you can see each and every food has differnt calories and an important point to be noted the size each food has a particular size which gives it a particular amount of calories if you take twice that amount you will get twice the calories so all this should be considered for a diet plan for example, a medium size banana contains about 105 calories so if you consume 2 medium bananas, the value will double.. it gives you 210 calories and not to forget different banana sizes small to large size and also differnt varieties so based on all these factors calories might differ so as you can see so many factors are involved for just one type of food..

So you can learn about other foods as well based on all these factors as well so why am I telling all these? your fitness goals, be it weight loss/gain will revolve around these factors only.. based on hoe many calories you consume on a daily basis that what matters… including your snack every meal counts so hope you got a small idea about how this works so now let me explain further so how to approach nutrition for your fitness goals here 3 things must be noted 1. Tracking your food daily 2. calculating your macros 3. Modifying your calculated macros (from step 2) according to your fitness goals so how to track your food? to begin with start noting in your dairy about what you consume daily start tracking everything including your snack or meal, whatever small or large it might be… take a look whether your diet is consistent or changing Second comes calculating your macros so what are macros? ‘macronutrients’ all these 3 are basic macronutrients so you should have all these in your diet plan so how much of these macros should be taken is what you calculate then only you will know about how much calories you consume per day but a major mistake is done here approaching this very blindly like ‘almost no carbs for fat loss’ or saying ‘I dont consume anything except protein for muscle buyilding’ all these are nonsense approaches you need all these 3 basic ingredients for you body to function properly whatever your fitness goals might be you need to include all these macronutrients in your diet plan..

Here the difference comes only in food’s measure …its size thats where the difference comes for example you might have heard about carbs being modified for fat loss and its quite true but the mistake here is taking low carbohydrates (I mean almost no carbs) you should not do this you should only take the required amount of carbs and not more than that but instead if you avoid carbs totally thats not going to be healthy if you take more carbs than you need then you will gain fat that is the truth you might have heard not taking fat for fat loss yes its true, but the question is which types of fat mainly fat from bad sources all those saturated fat from roasted, oily foods highly processed, prepackaged foods all these types of fat will raise your bad cholesterol and needs to be avoided there are some good fats as well and you can include it in your diet but i will talk about those individual ingredients seperately in other videos.. so how to calculate your macros? there are many ways to track one of the way is using your smart phone apps..

You may use them but these apps are not perfect value changes with different apps show only an approximate value so you cannot believe or depend on them much but can use it for knowing your daily maintainence calories.. next method is calculating BMR you might have heard this that is how much calories your body need per day during rest for maintainence is what BMR is all about you can search for many online BMR calculators and it might show an approximate value it will calculate your height and weight and give you a value but again this is not a perfect value as well.. now that you know about your maintence calories what to do next from those maintence calories if you drop some calories you will lose weight but if you up the calories you will gain weight.. thats how this works you should manupulate your calories basically but if you are using calorie tracking apps there is one important point to be noted use these apps to know your maintence calories only ..not mire than that it will show how much calories you should add/reduce per day based on your goals i do NOT suggest you to drop or add these calories at once suppose if it shows you to add 1000 calories to add or reduce that is too much for one day you have to gradually start this but apps dont show these it shows as if you should increase 1000 calories from the next day this will not help you you have to start with and adjust according to your weight change instaed consuming 1000 calories per day at start will have bad effect on your health and gain more fat on the process so use these apps only to know your maintainance value now you have to modify your macros according to our fitness goals so dont use apps for modifying purposes instead you modify those calories manually suppose if the app shows you to increase 1000 calories per day dont start with 1000 calories in the beginning start with 250 calories then after some change 500 calories and so on and so because of this reason if you follow a general fitness recipe or a diet plan if you see properly they would have mentioned about how much calories per meal suppose the diet you follow is 2000 calories but your requirement is only 1500 calories then imagine what would happen? you will increase your weight because that diet contains 500 calories than you need again if your diet you follow contins lower calories than your required calories what will happen? you may reduce your weight in both ways you may not reach your target weight even if anybody tells that some particular diet made changes in them just ask them whether they reached their final weight maybe not suppose if they reached maybe their calorie requirement and the calories from the diet they follow may be matching but its not necessary for the diet to work for you even if 2 people of same calorie requirement follow the same diet..results might be different changes withn each persons body metabolism even hardgainers find it difficult to increase their weight inspite of eating big so for them calorie adjustments has to be done accordingly so this video is not for people who saw the results by folowing a random diet this video is for an average person struggling with their fitness goals without knowing why…

and so for this reason I do not suggest a random diet for anybody I would suggest only a custom made diet plan that suits you in achieving your fitness goals this is how you approach your nutrition.

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