How I Workout & Eat for Weight Loss & More Energy – Before & After!

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How I Workout & Eat for Weight Loss & More Energy – Before & After! This is My Routine https://youtu.be/RBaDZ78-vuA
-I believe that training in the TRADITIONAL MARTIAL ARTS, Hiking, KUNG FU, TAI CHI, Meditation, and a VEGAN DIET are the secrets to weight loss, health, more energy, self defense, confidence, and a happy/healthy life! Move your body everyday, eat veggies and fruits, meditate, get into nature, and have a morning routine and evening routine! You also need the ability to DEFEND YOUR LIFE and that is another side effect of training in Traditional Asian Martial Arts! Check out my Free Monthly Schedule and $5 Online School Here: http://www.JakeMace.com

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