Homemade Remedy For Cold, Flu, Cancer Prevention, Weight loss and more

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This is a Recipe that works time and time again. Today Victor is doing the video for a change. I must say he did a wonderful job. Its his second video so he was a bit nervous. But I think he did great. This recipe is amazing for so many different health problems.Diabetes, high blood pressure, the common cold, weight loss and so much more! You have the option to chop up the ingrediants or ole school grating by hand. Which is usually how we do it. But for the video we did it in the chopper. This is so good when you have a lot of phlegm. It breaks it up really good. Just make sure you drink it HOT. I love you for watching . And subscribe to the channel. Give us a like as well. God Bless You. Taping another video today . LOVE YOU
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