Disappointing News About Van Living On The Road & Weight Loss Challenge Update

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I can’t believe we are already into October 2017, but we are and today’s van life update video I discuss some disappointing news about van living on the road. The video starts off letting you know that I have arrived in Arizona, where I plan to spend the winter van dwelling where the weather will likely be warmest in the states. A few people have asked about fuel economy on my 2000 Dodge 1500 Ram Van. So, I recorded mileage and kept fuel receipts to give you all the miles per gallon for my trip South. Once completed with fuel economy numbers, I went ahead and gave an update on how I’m doing with my weight loss challenge I started last week. Then I round out the video discussing some disappointing news I had to share about coming off the road for awhile. Time to get good at stealth camping or should I call it urban camping.

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