Designer sends out ‘invisible’ birth cards printed with mothers milk

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Remember as a kid you would write each other secret messages with lemon juice or milk? Once dried, the paper looked empty to any unknowing soul, but the receiver of the message was in on the secret and could decipher the hidden code in moments by exposing the sheet to a little heat.

Dutch photographer/designer Nichon Glerum gave birth to her son Lovael on December 26th. For the birth announcement, she knew people would expect something original from her and the father. So she referred back to this technique… with her own milk.

“To me it just made sense. He’s so new to this world; he literally has a blank slate. Every page in his book still needs to be written. Nowadays people are overloaded with images and visuals, so especially for someone in my profession I thought it would be a bold choice to send out completely blank cards.

They went out in transparent envelopes, with a little white birthday candle as a hint on how to make the message appear. Also relevant as he was born on the darkest day of the year. (Plus, the flame is a little tongue in cheek reference to the fire that’s responsible for making babies in the first place!)”

She came up with the idea because of the ‘ in public’ shaming in the U.S., news stories she has been following with disbelief and sadness. Luckily the people in the Netherlands are a lot more liberal, but she hopes in the future women can freely decide how and what they want to feed their children, and that whatever decision they make is respected.


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