Breastfeeding #throughglass

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In Australia, a new baby is born every 4 minutes; 300,000 babies annually. Surprisingly, can be a difficult task and in the past, new mothers enjoyed the support of the older women in their family, during this phase of early motherhood.

However, in today’s modern world, families are spread across the globe and often this family support system is not available. Many women struggle to breastfeed during the busy first months of motherhood.

Small World Social is aiming to develop a program in conjunction with the Australian Breastfeeding Association that combines a cloud based learning platform, Google Glass and live video support.

The program will offer an online learning platform with medically endorsed material on breastfeeding fundamentals and common problems. Google Glass will display prompts of key concepts while women are wearing the device, allowing their hands to remain free to nurse the baby. If additional help or guidance is needed Google Glass will connect via a video call link to a Breastfeeding Association counselor.

The service is on demand, connecting women with a valuable service from the comfort of their own home.

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