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3 Smart Home Upgrades That Will Save You Money People & Blogs 

3 Smart Home Upgrades That Will Save You Money

These three key smart home upgrades will help you cut energy costs. Image: Honeywell Home The future is now. We’re developing flying, self-piloting cars to taxi us around. We have multiple digital assistants ready to serve us at a moment’s notice. Virtual reality is becoming commonplace. With technology driving so much innovation, it’s no surprise that we’re seeing gadgets trickle into our homes. Smart home upgrades are on the rise. But how do you know what’s hype and what’s actually helpful? Of course, it at least partially depends on your needs and…

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6 Creative Ways to Use Window Seats People & Blogs 

6 Creative Ways to Use Window Seats

Window seats are a classy addition to any house. They’re common in Victorian homes, which is part of what makes them feel so classic. But they fit incredibly well into modern spaces, too. People from any era enjoy reading by the natural light of a window — or, in this day and age, possibly playing on a tablet computer. If you’re thinking of installing a window seat, or if you have one you’re trying to dress up, there are many ways to creatively make use of it. Read on to…

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