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The Ketogenic Version of the GAPS Diet People & Blogs 

The Ketogenic Version of the GAPS Diet

How do the Gut and Psychology Syndrome Diet (GAPS) and the ketogenic diet (keto) overlap?  They overlap in more ways than they are different!  One of the missions of both diets is brain health; with GAPS focusing on the gut-brain connection and keto focusing on ketones to calm and heal the brain. Leaky Gut and GAPS In addition to brain health, GAPS balances the gut flora and intensely repairs the digestive tract to help heal things like food allergies, leaky gut, IBS, and other digestive problems. GAPS has an intense…

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4 Removable Ways to Soundproof Your Apartment People & Blogs 

4 Removable Ways to Soundproof Your Apartment

These four tips will help you soundproof your apartment without upsetting your landlord. Image: AND Design One of the biggest challenges of renting is the inability to make permanent changes to your space. Restrictions on painting bathrooms or re-tiling kitchen backsplashes may be annoying; however, that’s far less important than the ability to occupy your space in peace. Are noisy neighbors driving you nuts? You don’t have to suffer in lack of silence, nor do you have to break your lease installing permanent soundproofing. There are some reversible tactics you can employ…

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