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People & Blogs 

Lochia or Postpartum Bleeding (aka the Longest Period of Your Life)

Mothers enter what has been referred to endearingly as “The Fourth Trimester,” a magical time when baby and mama continue almost as one. Baby sleeps and feeds; mama rests and recovers. But you know what isn’t as magical? Having the longest period of your life! This bloody flow is called lochia, which comes from the Greek word lokheíos, meaning “of childbirth.”  What Is Lochia? Lochia is a combination of blood, placental tissue, mucus, cells, and bacteria coming from the wound that occurred when your placenta tore away from your uterine wall. Why Does…

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People & Blogs 

The Seriously Inspiring Winners of the 2018 Birth Photography Competition

Labor is a beautiful thing, and some couples hire birth photographers to document that important day’s most raw, vulnerable moments. To celebrate this deeply personal experience and the beautiful images that have frozen it in time, The International Association of Professional Birth Photographers holds a photo contest every year. The competition celebrates the best birth photos of the year in four categories: labor, delivery, postpartum, and birth details. Thousands of breathtaking images were entered (see them all at the bottom of this page), but winners were chosen on a point system…

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