14. Concerns for the future

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Video Interview Presentation: 6 professors discuss their concerns for the lifelong health of babies born today and potentially, how common practices in childbirth could even be impacting the health of future generations.

This video features the following 6 professors:

SUE CARTER, Professor, Behavioral Neurobiologist, Director of The Kinsey Institute and Rudy Professor of Biology at Indiana University (world-leading expert in synthetic oxytocin)

HANNAH DAHLEN, Professor of Midwifery, Western Sydney University (expert in epigenetic impact in childbirth and midwifery)

MARIA GLORIA DOMINGUEZ BELLO, Associate Professor, Department of Medicine, New York University (expert in infant microbiome research)

RODNEY DIETERT, Professor of Immunotoxicology, Cornell University (provides brilliant big-picture analysis of global health research and expert in human immune system, author of THE HUMAN SUPERORGANISM)

MARTIN BLASER, Director of the Human Microbiome Program & Professor of Translational Medicine, New York University (world-leading microbiome expert, author of MISSING MICROBES)

ALEECA BELL, Assistant Professor, Dept of Women, Children and Family Health Science, University of Illinois at Chicago (expert in epigenetic research in childbirth)

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